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The path to excellence

On August 25th 2015, STEM3 Academy will open its doors to students with social and learning differences, grades 9 through 12, in time for the 2015/16 academic year. The first of its kind in the country, STEM3 Academy is unique in providing a rich and varied curriculum designed to develop the natural skills and abilities of its students, to provide real-world experiences by way of hands-on projects and the application of learned concepts, as well as internships and mentorships, senior projects, digital portfolios and personalized education plans. Our goal is nothing short of excellence in accomplishment for our students and the entire teaching staff and educational model are designed to achieve it.

In the first year, we will offer 5 AP classes: US History, World History, Statistics, Calculus, and Computer Science. Classes at the AP level in Economics, English, and Biology will follow. Unlike many schools which erect barriers to AP access by way of prerequisites, we believe that all students benefit by taking classes in depth as well as breadth, encouraging them to develop an understanding of both the range of application of the subject as well as its deep connections and principles. We believe that all students benefit from such deep learning, and that they do measurably better in college from having had such experiences in high school.

The opening of STEM3 Academy promises to change the life options for students by providing a rich academic curriculum and engaging social environment, by providing an opportunity for them to develop their interests and abilities in a challenging yet supportive environment that is responsive to the whole individual. We offer digital arts and videography, an award-winning robotics program, computer programming and entrepreneurship, and both required and elective classes will encourage participation and cooperation among students as they ready themselves for a world in which collaborating and making presentations are as much required skills as keyboarding and coding.

We already have a rich history of graduating 100% of our high school students, and of their acceptance into 4- and 2-year colleges such as UC Berkeley, UC Davis, USC, CSUN, Cal Poly Pomona, Occidental and Pierce. What STEM3 Academy will provide is the next thrust towards excellence; it will enable us to build on those successes so that students thrive at an even wider variety of colleges, that they have access to an even wider variety of careers, and that they aspire to be at the forefront of their professions by receiving the training and confidence in high school to enable them to enter college or career with boldness and assurance.

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