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Environmental Education

photo-21Some of Village Glen’s students’ favorite memories come from the Elementary, Middle and/or High School trips that they take each Spring semester. Sixth grade and Elementary School students participate in a full day trip usually beginning at Union Station and heading to a California destination via train. Middle School and High School students participate in a two-night or three-night getaway to a California destination. Previous destinations have included San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Catalina Island, and San Diego and provide an exciting weekend where students get to experience the enriching opportunities that California has to offer. At Village Glen we believe that the travel experience brings to life the learning process for all students. Students gain a deeper understanding of the world around them by observing, seeing, and interacting with it. These trips also provide our students with the opportunity to practice social skills and be independent in a safe and secure place away from home, while having a wonderful time!