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Village Glen students take part in specially designed physical education on a daily basis.  We introduce playground activities to students in small groups, allowing them to explore and practice movement concepts, sports-related skills, cooperative games, and social skills. 

Physical education plays a big part in the development of our students – from a physical standpoint and as it relates to critical social components. Students use a variety of age-appropriate equipment and, as their skill level develops, learn game skills, rules, and begin to understand the relationship between practice and learning correct technique.

The K-6 program provides the physical education skills and knowledge students need to be successful in middle and high school. The specially designed program delivers content incrementally to help students learn at the appropriate age and level. The emphasis is on development of fundamental locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills; movement framework (i.e., body, space, effort, and relationship); basic biomechanical and motor learning principles; and elementary game tactics. Students also learn team games such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, tennis, hockey, and others.



The program for middle school students expands performance to more specialized movement and motor skills for content areas (individual and dual activities, team activities). The content is consolidated and students’ skills are refined, representing a natural progression of skill sophistication. The standards are grade-specific and organized by grade levels. During this time, students engage in team games such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, tennis, hockey, and others.



High school students have experienced a planned sequence of formal physical education instruction. When they enter ninth grade, they are ready to integrate all they know with all they can do, and are more capable of higher-order thinking and skilled performance. The high school courses are a blueprint for delivering content in a way that helps students transition from the school’s specially designed physical education instructional program to adult physical activity. The high school also offers the opportunity to participate in competitive high school athletics. The basketball and track and field programs are sanctioned by the California Interscholastic Foundation (CIF), the intramural regional league of many schools located in the Los Angeles area. This allows our students to earn credits while playing competitively against other local teams.