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Student Council

Village Glen is proud to offer a dynamic, empowering Student Council experience for the high school student body. Students taking part in Student Council at Village Glen gain many benefits from their participation including deepening their sense of duty to their community, developing a voice as a citizen and being heard, learning to work in a group dynamic within a real life model, and advocating for themselves and others. Membership in student council also helps students with their college applications by demonstrating active participation in the high school community.

The High School Student Council is made up of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as a student representative from each grade level. The student representatives speak for their classes, and all officers serve as a collective voice for the student body. Their responsibilities include helping plan school and fundraising events and bringing new ideas to the attention of the administration & staff. All of the officers are expected to exhibit the characteristics of a positive role model, maintain a strong attendance record, have a good discipline history, and maintain strong academic skills.