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About Us

Village Glen School is an innovative, multidisciplinary and unique therapeutic day school specifically designed for children with challenges in the areas of socialization, communicative and pragmatic language development, and peer relations. Many of the students served at Village Glen experience special needs associated with Asperger’s Disorder, high functioning autism, anxiety-related disorders, and non-verbal learning disabilities.

Recognizing the strengths, challenges, and natural talents of each student, Village Glen promotes social and personal well-being and strong academic achievement. Village Glen has developed a unique framework emphasizing social skills development that synthesizes and integrates the best practices currently available in the field. This framework has been recognized as a model of excellence.

To complement the core curriculum, Village Glen’s Pace Program is available for students with superior intellectual capabilities. Pace provides creative, individualized, advanced classes that maximize each student’s potential.

Village Glen’s kindergarten through 12th grade program offers a highly structured and varied curriculum in conjunction with a wide range of clinical services.


  • WASC accredited
  • Small class size
  • Low student/teacher ratio 
  • Gifted and talented educational curriculum
  • Multiple instructional strategies
  • Emphasis on social communication/pragmatic language development
  • Daily social skills classes
  • Social development integrated throughout the curriculum and extracurricular activities
  • Course of study leading to high school diploma (A-G requirements)
  • Preparation for college 
  • Dual enrollment opportunities at local public schools and community colleges
  • Speech and language therapy, counseling, specially designed physical education, and occupational therapy
  • Individual, family, and group therapy
  • Elective programs including art, music, drama, computer science, foreign languages, physical education, and athletics

Village Glen School is located in Sherman Oaks and Culver City. Its state-of-the-art education campuses include: computer learning centers, science labs, creative and performing arts centers, athletic and play areas, and student stores.