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Village Glen is a college preparatory school, and students graduate from twelfth grade with a high school diploma. The academic demands throughout Village Glen are consistent; however, the following sub-programs have been developed within Village Glen to meet the diverse needs of our students. The programs include the Core and Beacon programs and are described briefly below:

The Core Program – (Available in Sherman Oaks & Culver City)
The Core Program is highly structured with a varied curriculum that is designed to meet each student’s needs. Educational programming is determined by grade level, the Individual Education Plan, framework in core content areas, and well-researched methodology. A unique aspect of the Village Glen curriculum is the focus on social skills. Due to the atypical social/emotional development of the student population, social facilitation is necessary for the students to maximize their full potential.

The Beacon Program – (Available in Sherman Oaks)
The Beacon Program was developed to accommodate students whose eligibility falls within the Autism Spectrum or who have similar traits, and who also require an intensified behavior modification program. Beacon provides a highly structured, self-contained classroom model where students remain with their teaching team for the majority of the day. This model establishes a daily routine, decreases outside distractions, and increases focus. Each class offers a curriculum aligned with state standards in addition to well developed social skills lessons, technology classes, and art instruction. Individualized data is taken on each student and is analyzed weekly by the school team in order to increase and shape more socially successful behaviors.