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Donate Now

THG West strives and excels at providing an academically rigorous, socially encouraging and comprehensive approach within a nurturing environment.  We are all here with the common goal of providing an outstanding learning experience that supports the needs of our very talented and unique students.
Please join us in supporting THG West as we work towards achieving our goal of 100% participation from our parents through the:
                                    ANNUAL GIVING CAMPAIGN 2014-2015
Together, and with your support we can:
  • Provide relevant, current training and workshops for our Teacher Specialists that will further enrich their lessons
  • Ensure that teachers have access to the most up-to-date resources and materials, in addition to their core educational materials
  • Maintain technical support for the latest technology available to our students
  • Increase access to different learning experiences
  • Provide enriching curricular and extracurricular opportunities
Through your contribution, you are sending the message that you believe in the mission of our programs and can help us to ensure that the needs of our students are being well met.
Thank you in advance for joining our campaign!