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Village Glen School Mission Statement


The mission of Village Glen School is to guide and support students on the Autism Spectrum and others with special needs in reaching their full potential socially, communicatively, and academically. Village Glen adheres to the belief that students should experience the joy of learning as a lifelong process and develop unique talents and skills in preparation for their future goals. We seek to inspire students to become creative thinkers, committed and independent citizens, and compassionate, self-reliant individuals through partnerships with parents, the school, and the community.

Village Glen SCHOLARS will be:

Socially Successful – Employ collaborative problem solving and conflict resolution skills. Display expected  behaviors and assume responsibility for actions. Know how to join and exit conversations. Establish and nurture healthy friendships.
Committed Independent Citizens – Abide by the city, county and state laws. Actively serve in community and/or school service organizations and projects. Be a contributing member of society through work or volunteering.
Higher Education Bound – Write effectively for self-expression, persuasion and demonstration of understanding of information and research. Apply a range of mathematical strategies, tools, and principles to develop solutions to problems. Strive to do well on the CAHSEE. Acquire a body of knowledge based on California Common Core State Standards. Achieve proficient or advanced status on state standardized testing.
Organized Effective Planners- Organize ones schedule through using a day/month/year planner. Organize materials for classes. Utilize graphic organizers to complete work. Demonstrate knowledge of work exploration and training opportunities. Have developed an education and training pathway recorded in a Transition Portfolio.
Life Long Learners – Access information from a variety of sources. Learn and adapt successfully to emerging technologies. Continue to expand their knowledge in their areas of interest.
Academic Explorers – Aware of post-secondary education and training opportunities including colleges and technical schools. Be willing to enrich and expand their base of knowledge beyond basic requirements.
Respectful of Differences – Appreciate cultural and individual diversity and adapt to change. Show respect for others, for community and for the environment
Self Advocates – Understand and articulate their unique profile of affinities, strengths and challenges. Recognize their learning styles. Apply personal advocacy skills. Successfully utilize accommodations and compensations available in the community, workplace, and educational institutions.