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In just one year, STEAM at Village Glen has grown in reach and breadth to include the high school, middle school and elementary school, and to support student excellence in both the sciences and the arts.  STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) is not only about what classes are taught, but also about how they are taught. The range of classes we offer includes AP classes in math, science, language and history, and classes in computer programming, robotics, sound engineering and digital design. The emphasis throughout is on creativity and innovation, on being able to articulate an idea clearly and present it, and being able to collaborate and realize that idea concretely. Classes focus on real-world problems, and the development and presentation of original, creative solutions. In the elementary school, STEAM classes are integrated into the curriculum, into math, science, language and social science. We are offering computers, robotics, and “engineering is elementary” during the summer of 2014, and in the fall we will offer electronics and entrepreneurship in addition. In middle school, STEAM classes are also integrated into the curriculum. Offerings include: computing, robotics and electronics, with entrepreneurship and Pre-AP classes in mathematics and language to be offered in the fall. In high school, STEAM classes are offered as electives. They include computers, robotics, digital design and electronics. We also offer AP Environmental Science (in the fall) and AP Statistics. Also new in the fall will be a class in entrepreneurship and in programming. The images that follow are from the various classes offered over the past year including this summer.