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Village Glen Valley Volunteer Opportunities

Parent involvement is highly encouraged at Village Glen School, and there are several avenues through which one can volunteer time to support the school and the Parent Association. Some of these opportunities can be done at home for those parents who work full-time, and a myriad of opportunities exist within the school setting.

Village Glen offers loads of volunteer opportunities designed so that there’s something for everyone.

From the Home or Workplace:

Email others about upcoming events

Be a Room Parent and help out your child’s teacher via group emails or a phone tree

Be a member of the Baking or Hospitality Committee and send in baked goods or paper items on an as needed basis

Support the staff by fulfilling items on their wish lists

Support the Silent Auction by contacting local businesses and/or organizations to donate items

Student Directory (September – October)


In the Community:

Fall Family Picnic (Sunday, October 24) Set up or take down, and/or help host (for 1-2 hours).Picnic is at McCambridge Park in Burbank between 12 – 4PM.

Skateland Event in Northridge – Help host


At the School:

Book Fair Committee – (September – October) Parent Volunteers needed to help set up and take down the Book Fair, to work in the Auditorium on the days of the Book Fair, and help decorate the Auditorium prior to the Book Fair.

Hospitality Committee – (As needed for events) This would include helping set up and coordinating parents to bring baked goods, fruit, bagels and cream cheese, juice, water, cheese and crackers, etc.

Innisbrook Gift Catalog Fundraiser (September – October)

Library Assistant(3 hours, once a week for 3 months).A favorite spot on the campus is the beautiful School Library which is shared and visited by all the students in the four schools. The Sherman Oaks Campus Library is 100% staffed by Parent volunteers. This vitally important service by a wonderful team of dedicated parents not only saves Village Glen the significant cost of hiring librarians, but it also enables parents to gain a very rewarding opportunity to assist the students and to connect with other parents of special needs children.

Silent Auction (March – May) – Help gather, assemble, catalog, store and package items and work for an hour or two on the actual day

Parent Booster for our Sports Team – This entails volunteering to coordinate and distribute information about upcoming sports events (times of games, directions to other games, etc.)  This would also entail organizing drinks and snacks for our Varsity and Junior Varsity players at the games.

Learn-A-Thon (January – February)

Teacher Appreciation (1st Week of May)

Irish Fair (Help with crafts and at the fair)

Teacher Assistance Program (copying, collating, folding, cutting, stapling)