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Question:  How can my child attend a non-public school like Village Glen?

Answer: Most students attend Village Glen School after receiving approval from their school district for non-public school placement. Through the IEP process (Individualized Education Plan), the school district makes a determination that a non-public school is the most appropriate setting for your child. Once the district has approved placement, then the student is eligible to be considered for enrollment. Some families, however, choose to enroll their child on a private tuition basis. You can get more information about this by calling the Admissions Office at 818-779-5262

Question: How can I make arrangements to visit Village Glen School?

Answer: You can get orientation information by calling the Admissions Office at 818-779-5262. These meetings are held frequently at both Village Glen campuses and provide families an opportunity to hear the school philosophy, ask questions, and see the school. Families should call to make a reservation for the next scheduled meeting.

Question:  Can you describe the admission process for Village Glen?

Answer: We will need an application with supporting documents to begin the admissions process. The application is available on this website. Applications can be e-mailed back to The Help Group to pjohnson@thehelpgroup.org or they can be mailed or dropped off at our centralized Admissions Office:

The Help Group-Admissions Office
13130 Burbank Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91401

After submitting an application, our Admissions Office will schedule an interview with an admissions evaluator for you and your child at Village Glen School. After this meeting, the evaluator will contact professionals who have worked with your child (a recent teacher, for example) to gather addition information. Materials you have submitted and information gathered will then be reviewed by our Admissions Committee to determine if there is an appropriate match with one of our programs.

Question:  What size are the classes at Village Glen?  What ages/grades do you  serve?

Answer: Most classes have 12 students with one teacher and at least one aide. We have  kindergarten through high school at both of our Village Glen campuses.

Question:  Where are your schools located and can my child attend if we don’t live nearby?

Answer: We have 2 campuses for our Village Glen Schools, one in Culver City (West Los  Angeles area) and one in Sherman Oaks (San Fernando Valley). We may be able to serve your student if you live within 25 miles of one of these campuses.

Question: Is transportation provided?  How does that work and who will drive my child?

Answer: Door-to-door transportation is generally available for students. If transportation is indicated on your student’s IEP, it will be provided by the school district or Village Glen School. Village Glen utilizes three major student transportation carriers: two bus companies (First Student and Atlantic Express) and Administrative Services (Yellow Cab, City Cab, etc.). All bus and cab drivers have received training from their respective companies. In addition to that training, the drivers have received general information from the Clinical Director of Village Glen about the student population and suggestions as to how to interact with the students in their vehicle. All drivers have Department of Justice and FBI clearance on file with Village Glen School.