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Art, Computer Programming, Music

Art AB, 10 credits
Art provides a foundation of visual arts knowledge and skills and their connections to other subjects, and explores the discipline in depth both intellectually and experientially.

Art History AB, 10 credits
In Art History and Analysis, students develop knowledge of the interrelationship of the visual arts and human history. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of visual images as they have been used to express the needs and ideals of society, as well as those of the individual, in historical and contemporary times.

Cartooning and Animation AB, 10 credits
In Cartooning and Animation, students learn about the history and techniques of illustration, cartooning, and animation in conjunction with learning about their aesthetic properties. The course includes freehand drawing and rendering, layout, and the use of basic drawing tools and various materials for the reproduction of images. Students study thematic elements, character development, and visual effects incorporated into political and social cartoons in historical and contemporary times. Careers in cartooning, animation and interactive gaming will be discussed.

Ceramics AB, 10 credits
In Ceramics, students are introduced to the historical background, aesthetic traditions, and artistic properties of ceramics through a variety of studio experiences. Students will acquire knowledge of form, volume, and space relationships by constructing hand-built and wheel-thrown forms of clay. There will also be experimentation with line, texture, pattern, theme, and variation. Career opportunities in the arts and arts-related fields will be explored.

Graphic Arts AB, 10 credits
The major emphasis of this Graphic Arts course is to provide students with an understanding of careers in graphic arts and printing technology. Representative topics include printing enterprise, art and copy preparation, graphic design, image generation and assembly, reproduction photography, graphic reproduction operations, binding and finishing related to digital imaging, lithography, and screen printing. Students will take part in project-based experiences in basic graphic arts and printing, and will learn about current technological tools and software. This course also introduces students to graphic arts occupations, and helps them understand how to make effective career decisions in the field.

Photography AB, 10 credits
Photography teaches students how to communicate visual ideas using basic historical and contemporary practices, including traditional photographic elements, modern digital cameras, and multimedia devices. Students learn about photography as an avocation, vocation, and its relationship to other careers.

Game Design, 10 credits
This course addresses all aspects of interactive game design as a media art. Students learn how to use popular game-development software to create engaging, interactive games in a variety of styles. A series of increasingly challenging hands-on projects teach the elements of successful game development. This course also provides a solid foundation in the essentials while helping students develop critical thinking skills, problem solving, and analysis and appreciation.

Computer Programming, 10 credits
In this course, students learn basic programming concepts through a series of hands-on projects. They will also learn about software development careers, the software development process, and industry best practices. Using Java, Microsoft Visual C++ and other languages, students will master the building blocks of programming: functions, variables, loops, arrays, and classes.

Music Technology, 10 credits
This course enables students to create original works using a variety of music production software tools for sequencing, sound editing, synthesis, and effects.  Students will become familiar with music notation software and will edit and mix a studio session using Pro Tools. The course also provides students with hands-on training with microphones, mixers, and other live sound equipment.

History of Popular Music, 10 credits
This course examines the role and impact of popular music on culture from several time periods. Through lectures, films, and listening sessions, students explore the history of music, starting at the roots of the genre through its transformation to a more complex state. Students will gain an understanding of the political and social implications and meanings of popular music, and emphasis will be placed on the nuanced role of class, gender, and race in music.

Theater AB, 10 credits
The course will emphasize artistic perception and creative expression. It will promote understanding of aesthetic valuing, historical and cultural awareness, and the interconnections of the arts and other disciplines. Students will be trained in theatre arts fundamentals, including improvisation techniques, body control, voice, diction, pantomime, learning of lines, character creation, projection of ideas and emotions, and preparation and acting of scenes. Acting projects will provide positive group experiences in collaborative assignments, developing self-discipline, evaluating the performances of others, and accepting constructive criticism. Instruction develops language skills and appreciation through reading dramatic literature from various periods and cultures; using written critiques to evaluate one’s own work and that of others; writing dramatic scenes; character analyses, play reports, and introductions; observing with sensitivity; listening critically; and speaking effectively.