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Community Service

photo-13For more than a decade, Village Glen students in grades K-12 have partnered with the Milken Family Foundation to be of service to their community.  Over the course of a school year teachers and students embark on a mission of service where each classroom identifies an area of need or way that they can contribute, locally, nationally, or internationally.  Throughout this year-long partnership, students develop a sense of service to their community, begin to effect change, and develop a sense of ownership of the world around them.

This year-long endeavor begins with the Milken Family Community Service Kick-Off Celebration. In early fall each classroom identifies their community service project for the year. Student speakers present their project during the Kick-Off Celebration and share their plans for making a difference in their community. During the course of the year, each classroom dedicates one day a month to fulfilling their community service obligation.  With the support of the Milken Family Foundation, students are provided with transportation to destinations where they can fulfill their community service goals and commitment.

At the close of the school year, students participate in a campus wide culminating ceremony where they share the impact their service has had on the community. The ceremony spotlights each classroom and provides an opportunity for students to speak publicly and share artifacts from their year-long partnership with various organizations.

Over the years, students have partnered with community organizations such as The San Fernando Food Bank and Rescue Mission, Heal the Bay, Gibbons Conservation Center, UNICEF, The Great American Bake Sale, and My Stuff Bags. Village Glen’s commitment to the community is highlighted each school year as student’s share in the responsibility of caring for the world they live in.

Village Glen has a strong belief that everyone can contribute to making our community a better place.