Mitchell College

Mitchell College

Mitchell College 200 200 Village Glen School

A representative from Mitchell College, a 4-year-university located in Connecticut, visited Village Glen High School to provide valuable insights into their programs and discuss the exciting opportunities they offer to prospective students.

Here’s a brief recap of the visit:

The visit from Mitchell College was a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn more about the diverse academic programs, extracurricular activities, and unique offerings available at the college. The representatives engaged our students in informative sessions, sharing details about the admission process, scholarship opportunities, and campus life.

1. Program Presentations: Mitchell College representatives offered in-depth presentations on various academic programs, giving our students a comprehensive understanding of the majors and minors available.

2. Q&A Session: A dynamic question and answer session allowed students to interact directly with the college representatives. This gave them the chance to clarify any doubts and gain insights into the college experience.

3. Campus Life: Mitchell College shared captivating details about campus life, including clubs, organizations, and other extracurricular activities. Students had the chance to envision themselves as part of the vibrant college community.